Sponsorships Benefits

WEBA Sponsorship Benefits

Visibility/AcknowledgementPremier - $2000Platinum - $1500Gold - $1000Silver - $500
Year Annual WEBA Membershipscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Company Logo on WEBA Banner**checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Recognition on Sponsor Page on the WEBA websitecheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Reserved Seating at WEBA Annual Membership Meeting ***checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Ability to write an educational blog post on WEBA website ****checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Placement of a One-Month Ad in WEBA Newsletter +checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Verbal Recognition of Sponsorship at all WEBA events checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Ability to Distribute Marketing Materials at WEBA events +++checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Ability to Sponsor (1) Social Event ++++checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
2-minute Intro Talk as Guest-Host of a WEBA Event #checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Placement of Ad on WEBA Website ##checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
Featured Article in WEBA Newsletter ###checkbox-weba-benefitscheckbox-weba-benefits
One additional year of WEBA membership for a total of 2 yearscheckbox-weba-benefits

WEBA Sponsorship Details

* WEBA membership will be established for the indicated period, or current membership will be extended by the indicated period being added on to your current membership.

  • Premier – 2 years
  • Platinum – 1 year
  • Gold – 1 year
  • Silver – 1 year


** Logo must be provided by you in time for the annual banner to be made.  Logo must be a Vector File ending in either .eps, .ai, or .pdf


*** Reserved seating requires pre-registration.

  • Premier – 3 reserved seats
  • Platinum – 2 reserved seats
  • Gold – 1 reserved seat
  • Silver – 1 reserved seat


**** Blog post can be of reasonable length and must be educational in nature.  An author paragraph may be attached to the end where you can present your company, your expertise, your products, your services, and your contact link.  Blog post is subject to review by WEBA to assure interest to our membership.


+ Ad must be formatted and provided by you.  Ad space is subject to timing of prior ads in the newsletter.  Ad publication must be coordinated with the Communications Committee in advance.

  •  Premier – 3 ads
  •  Platinum – 2 ads
  •  Gold – 1 ad
  •  Silver – 1 ad


++ Free Admission requires pre-registration.


+++ All materials are to be produced and brought by you to the event and are to be removed by you afterwards.  WEBA will not hold materials.


++++ Sponsored Social Event can be hosted at your location or at a location of your choosing.  Event must be coordinated and scheduled with the Programs Committee.


# Events available for Guest-Hosting include Lunch & Learns, Power Networking Breakfasts, and our Signature Event.  As the Guest-Host, you’ll be able to give a 2-minute introduction of yourself, your company, and your products and services.  Guest-Hosting must be scheduled in advance with the Programs Committee.


## Ads must be provided by you.  Please contact WEBA for more details of ad requirements.


### Newsletter Featured Article must be coordinated with the Communications Committee.