Standing Committees

The Standing Committees Chairs will report to the Board at a frequency determined by the President and will submit a summary report to the President upon request and prior to the Annual Meeting. All committees are open to all WEBA members, and they do not need to be on the board to participate on committees.

The following shall be the Standing Committees:


Purpose – Comprised of WEBA Board members, the members advise the Board on management issues.

Chair – Mary Ann Burstein – Coldwell Banker Realty

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Purpose – Manages and directs educational events such as Lunch & Learn, networking activities including Happy Hour and Special Events, and Special Events for the community including Spring for Alexandria.

Chair –

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Purpose – The Treasurer/Finance Committee is responsible for making sure all of the bills are paid and income is deposited. We work closely with the accounting company to ensure all of the detail is captured for our monthly balance sheets. We report on WEBA’s financial status at the monthly board meetings.

Chair – Stephen Greksouk Burke & Herbert Bank

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Government Relations

Purpose – The Government Relations Committee monitors and reports on government practices and activities that affect WEBA businesses, with a focus on local government. Committee members attend various meetings and hearings and report at the monthly WEBA board meetings.

Chair – Paul Friedman Safer Country

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Purpose – The Communications Committee acts as the marketing and information department for WEBA. This committee is responsible for the newsletter and all social and social media activities. The committee heads up marketing and outreach campaigns and oversees WEBA’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Information about WEBA members or discounts for WEBA members should be addressed to committee members to be added to flyers and emails.

Chair – Ann McIntyre – FRC Marketing

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Purpose – The Membership Committee is responsible for supporting the mission, vision, purpose and strategic plan of West End Business Association. The committee is to help in the following areas: Recrutment, Engagement and Retention

An important goal of WEBA is to represent a range of industries, companies, and to ensure membership remains valuable to members of all types. This committee provides feedback on WEBA programs to ensure that they remain of the highest benefit to members. Members of this committee are encouraged to attend as many events as possible and to bring prospects as guests to show the non-members first-hand the benefits of WEBA membership.

Chair – Paul Friedman Safer Country

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Purpose – The mission of the Sponsorship Committee is to strategize, target, and attain business sponsors for WEBA and WEBA events.

Chair – Anna Davalos Alejo Media

Committee Member Iris Lopez Old Dominion National Bank

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Signature Event

Purpose – The annual Membership Appreciation Event is the keynote event of the year. The committee is responsible for securing special locations and negotiating costs to create a one of a kind activity for WEBA members.

Chair – Mary Ann Burstein  – Coldwell Banker Realty

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Purpose – To enhance the meaning of membership in WEBA, the Committee is dedicated to selecting one or more non-profits to which we may donate funds each year and, possibly, around which we may build our signature end-of-year event. The criteria to select one or more non-profits is that they serve the West End of Alexandria, and our contribution will also promote WEBA and/or its members at the same time.

Chair – Paul Friedman – Safer Country

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Why We ♡ WEBA

“WEBA is a great organization to network, connect and forge meaningful working relationships with local business owners.  Through networking events and Lunch/Learn events WEBA continues to play a vital role in keeping our business community strong.”

“I love WEBA because it’s a great place to meet new people that are looking to grow their business in the Alexandria area.  I have been a member for the last two years, and now I am part of the board of directors.  WEBA has helped me develop myself and network with awesome business owners.”

“Every Business in the West End of Alexandria, and every business who does business in the West End of Alexandria, should be a member of WEBA. This is THE place to make connections and to spotlight your business. We are able to directly attribute sales in our organization because of the connections made at the WEBA events.”

Virginia Kinneman

Kinneman Insurance

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