Our Mission

We Grow Together


To provide member businesses with networking, education, growth opportunities, and unified advocacy in the West End of Alexandria and beyond.

Our Goals:

  • Foster and strengthen businesses in the West End of Alexandria.
  • Provide education for businesses on relevant topics.
  • Provide opportunities for businesses in the West End of Alexandria to improve and build partnerships with the community and the city.
  • Create an interchange of ideas for the Alexandria business community.
  • Advocate for member businesses with the City government and local residents.
  • Create opportunities to meet new people, build relationships, and learn about new opportunities and partnerships through networking events.

Have you checked out WEBA (West End Business Association) Alexandria yet? WEBA is a great place to connect with local organizations that support the West End community and stay on top of Alexandria initiatives that affect your business.


“WEBA is a great organization to network, connect and forge meaningful working relationships with local business owners.  Through networking events and Lunch/Learn events WEBA continues to play a vital role in keeping our business community strong.”

“I love WEBA because it’s a great place to meet new people that are looking to grow their business in the Alexandria area.  I have been a member for the last two years, and now I am part of the board of directors.  WEBA has helped me develop myself and network with awesome business owners.”

“Every Business in the West End of Alexandria, and every business who does business in the West End of Alexandria, should be a member of WEBA. This is THE place to make connections and to spotlight your business. We are able to directly attribute sales in our organization because of the connections made at the WEBA events.”

Virginia Kinneman

Kinneman Insurance

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