Meet George Valenzuela

October 9, 2019

As president and CEO of Intelligent Evolution, Inc., a full-service information technology company in Alexandria, Virginia, George Valenzuela oversees all aspects of the company’s marketing, sales, management, and operations.

Intelligent Evolution specializes in website design and development, search engine optimization, custom software solutions, database management, VOIP services, and social media. Intelligent Evolution’s clientele ranges from trade and professional associations, the federal government, and private businesses.

An active member of the Alexandria community, Mr. Valenzuela currently serves on the Board of Directors of the West End Business Association as Vice President, and as President of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Central. He has held director and/or chairman positions of the following organizations: Alexandria City Public School Board Advisory Committee, AMC Institute, American Society of Association Executives, Rotary Club of Alexandria, Rotary Club of Alexandria West, Rotary Club of Alexandria Central, and Washington, DC, University of Florida Alumni Club. Mr. Valenzuela believes in giving back as a Rotary International member, where he volunteers to help local, national, and international communities.

Mr. Valenzuela earned a Bachelor of Science from Marymount University, where he studied Business Management.

How long have you been involved with WEBA / West End?
Member for three years
2019 joined the Board of Directors

What WEBA means to you:
WEBA is a business association that is in the West End of Alexandria, VA. It’s an organization that is evolving every day. We are growing, increasing member involvement within the organization, and welcoming guests who come to their first WEBA meeting. We need our members to feel they are getting their “membership dues worth” by providing our members with opportunities to network, to gain new knowledge through Lunch & Learns, and serve as a resource for those members/guests who need an introduction to potential employers or new business contacts.

3 nuggets about yourself:
On a personal level, I enjoy the following:
– Year-round biking
– Snowboarding
– Traveling
– I’m a foodie